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July 14, 2018 - Matt Delph interview with Turtle Man, from the popular show "Call of the Wildman" of Animal Planet. CLICK HERE for the video!

July 4, 2018 - Dr. John interviews Matt Delph about Dogman Sightings in VA

  • CLICK HERE for the ScaryCast.com interview as Dr. John interviews Matthew Delph of MECRO: The Terror of Lee County VA has returned. If you have Dogman or Bigfoot sightings, please contact Matt Delph through Facebook at MECRO (Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organiation).

  • July 2, 2018 - Lizardman In The News!
    Here are some new offerings for Lizardman fans. First is a story and video from WIS-TV in Columbia, SC.

    South Carolina’s Lizard Man: The 'tail' that keeps growing back.

    Next is this video airing on FTC-Farmers Telephone Cooperative Vision Channel 26, dedicated to showing off what happens in in the FTC viewing area which includes Bishopville, SC:

    Lizardman Festival 2018.

    On July 29, we celebrated Lizardman Day on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach. This event was sponsored by Carolina Caricatures. Certainly, Lizardman was a popular guy on his day. Special thanks go to members of the Myrtle Beach Police Department who keep us safe on the Boardwalk. Lizardman says, "Thanks so much!"

    It's the first annual Lizardman DaySM! Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the famous sighting of Christopher Davis and the Lizardman on June 29, 2018! Join Carolina Caricatures (Dr. John Stamey, Cody & Alisa Hanes and Chloe Hanes) on the world-famous Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach! Meet "Lizardman" for photo opps from 8-10PM that night (one it cools down). All day we will have Lizardjuice (always kid-friendly) and Lizardman Cupcakes on sale (proceeds to Phantom Pain Syndrome Association, affecting thousands of veterans). TO BOOK LIZARDMAN FOR PARTIES AND EVENTS, CALL 843-655-8775

    Have a Lizardman Day!

    Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

    Dr. Ronald Bryan on Higher Dimensions - June 17, 2018
    By Dr. John Stamey

    Here re a couple of PDFs that you will find fascinating (I believe). They deal with Remote Viewing, Joe McMoneagle and Dr. Ronald Bryan. Read the two PDFs in the order they appear. Let me know what you think!

    Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

    How Many Lizardpeople? - June 12, 2018
    By Dr. John Stamey

    An interesting topic came up when I was on the Journey Radio Show  with Jen Kruse. Someone asked if I thought Lizardman (the SC Lizardman) was a real entity or a spiritual entity. I was reminded of a talk I had with a friend whereby some North American Indians feel that Bigfoot is a spiritual entity that appears when it feels the need. Furthermore, when Bigfoot is around, experienced gifted individuals can see a green light that shines upward when a Bigfoot spirit is present. Whether or not we can actually see the physical body of that particular Bigfoot entity, the spirit makes itself known through that upward-shining light.

    I was reminded of the interesting concept of Minimum Viable Population. For a population of vertebrates to continue successful existence, it takes between 750 and 1,000 entities within a relatively close proximity. This leads us to the following line of reasoning. When Christopher Davis saw something that famous July night in 1988, it would take at least 750 Lizardpeople in some reasonable proximity for such an animal to exist.

    The reality is that if there were between 750 and 1,000 Lizardpeople roaming around Scape Ore Swamp in Lee, Sumter and Kershaw counties, we would be running into them quite frequently. However, we don't seem to see them except with extremely small regularity - and hardly enough to get a decent photo.

    This reasoning leads us to the next point, that perhaps the Lizardman is a spiritual being that can cross over from a dimension we cannot see, to a dimension where we can see him or her. Is this reasonable? Well, this idea of an interdimensional Lizardman does not violate the well-known scientific concept of Minimum Viable Population.

    At the Lizardman Festival in Bishopville on June 9, 2018, Lyle Blackburn was delivering a talk on our favorite cryptid. During his talk, a women from the Bishopville area stated that she (and perhaps her mother) remember seeing a short, perhaps a baby, Lizardman during her childhood. Perhaps that entity was the one that had grown up and finally terrorized the Lee County population.

    Regardless of the correct argument, the existence of one Lizardman, or even 750 Lizardpeople, is interesting and certainly warrants more discussion and consideration.

    Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

    On The Trail of the Lizardman - June 11, 2018
    By Dr. John Stamey

    When visiting Bishopville, one fun and interesting thing to do is to follow the trail of the SC Lizardman. The actual sites are easily accessible sites are lined up, almost in a sequential order. Let's take a look at locations which are part of the Lizardman Trail, along with the important stories that you can discuss with friends as you follow the Lizardman Trail.

    On Browntown Road, as you go down the hill (about 4.5 miles from Hwy 15), you will see the back of the green Browntown Road sign, where you are actually exiting the area. Stop your car and pull off on the right shoulder. We know, from people who were visiting the area in Fall 1988, that there could be hundreds of cars along the shoulders of the road and clogging the roadway. Visitors to Bishopville were so excited to catch a glimpse of the SC Lizardman. Local police had to keep drivers and those parked along the road orderly.

    Once you have taken a few photographs and enjoyed some coolish breezes from that part of Scape Ore Swamp, it's time to move on about a half of a mile for the famous and frequently photographed bridge. Situated just before a fork in the road, drive just past the bridge and pull off on the side. Walk back toward the bridge on the opposite side of the road and take a careful hop over the guard rail. As you walk down the small hill, you will notice one of the many artesian wells found in Lee County.

    After a cool drink of water from the artesian well, you will be experiencing the same exact location where George Plyler saw something mysterious with red eyes watching every move he made from behind a nearby tree. Hopefully, you haven’t gone to the artesian well by yourself. It can truly become creepy down that small embankment next to the bridge. Unfortunately, photos you will take here will have the concrete side panels to the bridge which were put in as a "safety precaution," by SC DOT, with no regard for the historical significance of this particular location.

    Taking the left fork in the road, drive about two miles. After passing Interstate 20, there will be a trailer park on the right, with three or four rows of mobile homes. Passing around a long left-hand curve in the road, you will see a washed-out dirt road leading to about a fifty acre planted in beans. Legend has it that on a hot July night in 1988, Christopher Davis had stopped there to change a flat tire. Near the famous Butterbean Shed of the Elmore family, Christopher saw, coming toward him in the moonlight, a tall creature with red eyes.

    Experiencing one of the most frightening moments of his life, Davis is convinced he saw, and that his car as ultimately attacked by the SC Lizardman. It is easy to find accounts of this historical moment on the Internet, or in Lyle Blackburn’s impressive book "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster."

    If you are still on the trail of the Lizardman, set your GPS to 53 Joe Dority Road. There you will find one of the country's most interesting attractions, the Button King Museum, along with the Nashville East concert hall. If you happened to be at Button King on Saturday June 9, 2018, you would have had the chance to hear the Kilted Creature, Antler Hill and Roy Atkinson headline the first Lizardman Music Festival.

    If you want to experience the Lizard Man Trail with a knowledgeable story teller, contact Dr. John Stamey (the author of this column) by email at LizardmanFestival@gmail.com for the date and starting time of the next tour along the Lizardman Trail.

    These articles also appear in the Lee County Observer, Bishopville, SC. Dr. Stamey can be reached at jwstamey@gmail.com. All articles © 2018 John Stamey, All Rights Reserved.

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    Lizardman-Bigfoot Connection
    Dr. John Stamey interview on THE JOURNEY with the She-Squatchers on May 23

    In 2013, Lyle Blackburn published his well-known book on the Lizardman sightings in Bishopville, SC, entitled "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster." Blackburn chronicles that almost half of the sightings reported by citizens of Bishopville have some relationship to traits of some cryptid on the order of Bigfoot. Dr. John Stamey, Executive Director of the Lizardman Festival in Bishopville, is working to research this strange and fascinating connection between the Lizardman and Bigfoot in the midlands of South Carolina.

    Facebook Event for May 23, 2018 Show