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Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

Conspiracy Theories - May 25, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

Conspiracy theories have been around since the dawn of time. Some of the most popular ones include the assassination of John F. Kennedy (was the government/Deep State behind it?), the 1969 Apollo moon landings (did we really make it to the moon or was the entire thing staged?) and the 9/11 terrorist attacks (was this terrorism or an "inside job" by the government as an excuse to start a war?). Speculation about events and their causes has become almost a passion with Americans, thanks to the Internet and YouTube. Let's take a look at some of the conspiracy theory thought that revolves around our local legend, the Lizardman.

Conspiracy Theory 1 - Lizardman doesn't exist at all.
The conspiracy here is that reports and sightings of Lizardman are completely made up by those who have reported encounters with the Bishopville monster. Our response is that too many unrelated people have come up with different reports of the Bishopville reptile, indicating that something must be going on in Scape Ore Swamp. Also, those pesky NC State scientists did uncover remains of the Carolina Butcher, a vicious nine-foot tall monster and relative of the crocodile that walks upright on two legs. The Carolina Butcher is one solid argument that, at one time, something that looks like Lizardman has been (or still might be) around the area.

Conspiracy Theory 2 - Lizardman is a hoax; someone is dressing up like Lizardman to scare people and/or to gain publicity for Lee County.
It is certainly possible that a Lizardman sighting (or two, or several) could have been hoaxed. However, author Lyle Blackburn makes an interesting case against all of those sightings from Spring 1986 to 1990 being the product of someone in a costume. The sheer amount of time, effort and dedication it would take to pretend to be Lizardman over a five-year period is simply not practical for one person or a group of people to do. Also, it seems illogical for any reasonable person to jump out in front of moving cars just for the thrill of impersonating a local monster.

Conspiracy Theory 3 - There is a coverup; all of the witnesses have passed away, and none are left to tell the real tale.
There is some truth to this theory. All of the major players seem to have passed away who were featured in the news to have had Lizardman sightings. The first major witness Christopher Davis was murdered several years back. Sherriff Liston Truesdale has long since retired from active duty and has gone on to his reward. Pilot Frank Mitchell, who was not so young when he claimed to have seen Lizardman, is deceased. The list goes on. However, it has been thirty years or more since these accounts were reported. Based on the age and activities any group of people, all of them passing away in a period of three decades is not so far-fetched.

Conspiracy Theory 4 - The whole thing is silly.
Bishopville, SC is one of two towns in America with its own cryptid. The other is Point Pleasant, WV, boasting the infamous Mothman. This elusive entity is credited with predicting a "disaster on the Ohio [river]" which has been linked to the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967 where 47 people drowned. A very practical rebuttal to this conspiracy theory comes from the Mason County (WV) Chamber of Commerce, where Point Pleasant is the county seat. The Mothman Festival was started in 2001 and a mere 200 people went on the tour of the TNT plant were Mothman was reportedly sighted. In 2017, the Mason County Chamber of Commerce estimates over 40,000 people attended the Mothman Festival. The Chamber believes this festival is one of the largest economic drivers between Pittsburgh and Charleston, WV. Bringing in millions of dollars to the local economy, the Mothman is not very silly.

A recent report.
Your humble correspondent is always on the lookout for reports of Lizardman sightings. A native of the Camden area, living near the edge of Lee County recounted a particularly chilling and new story, just this past weekend. Back in the early 1990s, many people had CB radios. These wonderful devices were, in a sense, the Internet of their day, providing person-to-person communication over a range of four to seven miles.

One evening in 1992, he and his parents heard a trucker who was parked on Hwy 34 in Lee County report a harrowing story. Parked on the side of the road to take a short break, the trucker reported seeing a creature with a tail chasing a car coming toward him on the other side of the road. The car was doing about 55 miles an hour, and the creature was running, keeping up with the car. The trucker was astonished. The driver of the car apparently panicked, put on the breaks and jumped out of the car, running off into a field. The creature was then reported to have picked up the car, carrying it into the woods opposite the field where the frightened driver was running for his life. As wild as this story sounds, the person who was telling me the story offered to introduce me to his parents, who could fill me in on more Lizardman stories they heard on the CB radio in the early 1990s.

Recently, a Bishopville native was discussing the upcoming Lizardman Festival. The local said, "I'll believe it when I see it!" My response is simply, "Meet me at the SC Cotton Museum on June 9, 2018 at 10:00AM and you can see a Lizardman Festival with your own eyes. See you then!” For more information on the Lizardman Festival, visit www.LizardmanFestival.com.

Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

Is it real? How to investigate a cryptid sighting - May 18, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

Recently, I was contacted about a potential Lizardman sighting in the Columbia, SC area. As wonderful as such an event would be, it is important to validate the evidence to determine if such a sighting is reasonable to label as an "Official Sighting."

What information was given about the sighting?
We received the following:

  • A photo of a potential Lizardman footprint
  • A phone interview of the person who made the sighting report
  • An invitation to visit and explore the area in which the footprint was found
  • An invitation to conduct an interview with those who saw the footprint

How will we proceed?
The information listed above constitutes the four minimum requirements for any legitimate investigation group to begin validation of a cryptid sighting. For this sighting, the Lizardman Festival Sighting Committee of Dr. John Stamey, Bigfoot investigator Matthew Delph and author/personality Lyle Blackburn, will proceed on the investigation and will report on June 9 at the Lizardman Festival. Questions we will want to address for this (or any) Lizardman sighting will include:

  • Where did it happen? We will draw a diagram of the land where the sighting took place
  • Note any bodies of water in and around the area
  • Determine the date and time of the sighting
  • Create a list of witnesses to the sighting
  • Determine the weather for the week prior to the sighting and during the sighting
  • Collect any photographs available
  • Collect photos of footprints from animals in the area such as deer, alligators and the like
  • Record and transcribe interviews all participants
  • Collect information about participants, including age, length of time in the area, how they might be connected with the location of the sighting, employment, additional information
  • Have all participants sign a release statement for their information to be published
  • Collect a history of any sightings in the area
  • Visit the site and take photographs of the area
  • Interview people around the sighting who may or may not have seen the cryptid

How will we respond?
It is important to take the viewpoint that someone has approached us with an important claim. All respect needs to be given before, during and after the investigation. It is not usually easy or appropriate to give a "yes" or "no" answer to the claim of a sighting. In this instance, we do have a good, clear photograph and a solid account of the area. The best way to handle this claim is to give it a percentage chance of being "the real thing." That way, a cryptid sighting which seems completely far-fetched with a 5% chance of being accurate will not haunt investigators if said cryptid is found and captured two years later in the same general area and under similar circumstances. A percentage also does not label those reporting the incident as complete frauds. Individuals who come forth with reports of cryptids do not need to be made fun of under any circumstances.

An important case in point was the account in Nature [volume 93, page 60 (19 March 1914)] which described an animal found in Australia as "a monstrous beast, with two heads (Ed.) of a fox, the hands of a man, the tail of a monkey." Such a "monstrosity" would have to be the fictional creation of a crazy person until it was determined to be a kangaroo carrying its young in its pouch. Anyone claiming this report to be foolish and the reporting of a crazy person would, themselves, have been proven to be the fool.

The famous cast of a Lizardman footprint as seen in the SC Cotton Museum

Feel free to report any potential Lizardman (or other cryptid) sightings to LizardmanFestival@gmail.com.

Liardman Trail - April 27, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

There are ten interesting locations for fans of Lizardman to visit. More information may be found in the book "Lizardman, Bigfoot and Friends" by myself and Matt Delph, available at Amazon.com, as well as Lyle Blackburn’s book, "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster."

Butterbean Shed
June 29, 1988. 2:30 AM. A 17-year old McDonald’s employee, Christopher Davis has a flat tire on Browntown Rad in Scape Ore Swamp. He stops near the Butterbean Shed to change his tire. When done, he is packing up the flat and his jack, only to be witness to the Lizardman approaching him. The incident took place on Browntown Road about 1/2 mile from Scape Ore Swamp. The building is no longer in existence. The old sign for the building is now found in the SC Cotton Museum in Bishopville. "Brother" Elmore, the owner of the butterbean shed, reported he scared someone off that same evening, who might have come to steal an air conditioning unit. At one point, Elmore was reported to have admitted he did not attack Davis' car. Much confusion remains about this legendary sighting.

Artesian Well, south Scape Ore Swamp
Bicycle rider George Holloman (Browntown resident, age 31 at the time) was getting a cool drink of water and saw a large (7'-8' tall creature) in the vicinity of the Scape Ore Bridge. When the headlights of an oncoming car shined in the creature's eyes, they turned out to be red. Holloman jumped on his bike and sped off, never looking back. The event took place in approximately November 1987, with a statement taken by Sheriff Truesdale on August 13, 1988.

George Plyler Home on Springvale Rd.
Where the high ground meets the boggy bottom of Scape Ore Swamp in Spring 1986, Plyler and workmen were putting up a hog pen in a quicksand area. The crew spotted a red-eyed bipedal creature watching them, who subsequently ran off into the woods. The incident was approximately two years before the Christopher Davis sighting, and was the area in which the famous three-toed prints were found.

Hwy 15 near Gin Branch Rd.
On August 6, 1988, Kenneth Off claims to have wounded Lizard Man as the creature ran down an embankment. This story appeared in the Sumter paper The Item on August 12, 198. Orr had no permit to carry a gun. The story was later admitted being false.

Cottonland Restaurant
This restaurant at the intersection of Interstate 20 and US Hwy 15 served as the informal Central Information Center for Lizardman activities in Summer 1988. Cottonland Restaurant closed more than thirty years ago, and on that site now stands a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

SC Cotton Museum
Home of a number of mementos from the late1980s, interesting items include the famous "Lizardman Song" by Bishopville native Jim Nesbitt. The museum has a store with many local and Lizardman items. The address is 121 W. Cedar Lane in Bishopville.

McDuffy Road in the Ashwood section of Le County near Ashwood Lake (8 miles from Browntown)
On August 26, 1988, a high-ranking official in the Army Corps of Engineers and his wife saw a large brownish creature walk across the road. The anonymous report came from a very credible source. No further information is known.

Harry & Harry Too Restaurant
The sign says it all - Home of the Lizardman. This local’s favorite, run by the Elmore family, is tocated at 719 Sumter Hwy. in Bishopville. You can enjoy a Lizard Man Hoagie with fries whenever they are open for lunch or dinner.

Bertha Blythers sighting (July 30, 1990)
From Hwy 15, south of Bishopville on the way to Camden on Browntown Road, a Bigfoot-type creature crossed the road in front of Bertha Blythers' car, and then lunged at the car. She had her children with her, and had just come from evening dinner at a local restaurant. The date was July 20,1990, and the location was near Hickory Hill Rd. and Browntown Road.

Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal

The Summer of 1988 - May 11, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

It was the June - the Summer of 1988. If you were listening to WAGS-AM 1380 radio in Bishopville, you might have heard that glorious re-recording of the Fat Boys With Chubby Checker singing "The Twist (Yo, Twist)." Then, we also heard The Timelords with their monster global hit "Doctorin' The Tardis," celebrating everyone's favorite BBC show, "Dr. Who." At the same time, other forces at work wreaking havoc with our climate. This would not only be the "Summer of 1988," but also the "Summer of the Lizardman." Let's take a look.

The Summer of 1988 featured one of the major heatwaves since the recording of weather information began in the mid-1800s. Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees were recorded throughout the United States during June, July and August of that year. In June 1988, the average temperature in the Columbia, SC area (using WeatherUnderground.com data) was a sweltering 88 degrees. Residents were experiencing a full eleven degrees higher temperature than the normal June average of 77 degrees. Days where the high temperature reached the high 90s to 100 degrees were common that month in the midlands of South Carolina.

The summer heat wave was then compounded with a major drought, the most severe since the great Dust Bowl of the early 1930s. During the late 1980s, water levels in the Mississippi River ran so low that barge traffic was halted to keep these ships from running aground on sandbars. The drought was mainly caused by a very strong La Niña, dumping heavy rains in the pacific northwest, while keeping the southeast and southwest dry as a bone. The midlands of South Carolina would typically receive just over 5 inches of rainfall in June. In that hot, dry month of 1988, only 1.66" of precipitation were recorded. The month before, May, saw only 2.08" of precipitation (as opposed to an average of 3"). It was clear that the lakes, swamps and rivers in and around the Columbia, SC area were suffering from an historic lack of rainfall.

Local businessman Alec Blalock is the proprietor of The Swamp Log, a store that features a wide-range of items made from wood, stumps and logs taken directly out of SC rivers and swamps, including everything from ball-point pens to furniture. Recently, he was kind enough to describe unusual weather and its effect on wildlife in our swamps and rivers.

Normal rain brings fresh water that ultimately fills our lakes, swamps and rivers. Low fresh water levels from droughts, near the cost, allow salt water to flow up rivers that empty into the ocean. Less fresh water from precipitation increases the salt water levels upstream, a phenomenon known as saltwater intrusion. Animals with lower tolerance to salt, such as reptiles, would be forced higher up rivers to "follow the water" during these periods, naturally moving to the centers of swamps. These periods of adversity would cause reptiles to become more aggressive in their behavior. A reptile such as Lizardman would also naturally move from a more secluded area to where it might be more readily seen, and potentially experience contact with humans.

Alec Blalock of Swamp Log Artisans - 229 N. Main St., Bishilville, SC
(803)483-2424 - alec@rslag.net

In May 1988, crop-dusting pilot Frank Johnson reported seeing the Lizardman cross the private runway on his property near Scape Ore Swamp. June 29, about six weeks later, Christopher Davis had his harrowing encounter near the Butterbean Shed, adjacent to Scape Ore Swamp. Drought, heat, saltwater intrusion, "The Twist" - it all added up to major excitement in the Summer if 1988.

Column: Lizardman, Bigfooot and Friends, Adventures in the Paranormal - May 4, 2018

Have a Lizardman Day!- May 4, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

Dark Tourism is an interesting and unusual term. In general, the term describes travel and tourism to sites some way connected to death, disaster, or something odd/ "macabre". Some popular categories of Dark Tourism include: Grave Tourism (visiting cemeteries - such as the very popular ghost tours of Charleston, SC), Holocaust Tourism (such as visiting former prison camps in Germany), Prison and Persecution Site Tourism (such as visiting the very popular Alcatraz Island in San Francisco), Cult of Personality Tourism (such as visiting countries formerly run by dictators, or historical sites run by tyrants such as Vlad the Impaler - the genesis of the Dracula Legends – in Romania). Within the last twenty years, the United States has had begun developing a booming tourism business based around ghosts, legends, UFOs and cryptid monsters. Of course, Bigfoot and Mothman lead the pack of enterprising cryptids who are becoming quite real in the pocketbooks of local businesses.

In McCurtain County (southwest Oklahoma), Bigfoot is bringing more and more tourism and business to the town of Hochatown. Janet Cress who runs the local Janet’s Treasure Chest has been quoted by NPR (National Public Radio) as saying, “Bigfoot coasters, Bigfoot stickers, Bigfoot pamphlets, Bigfoot t-shirts, Bigfoot hats - “Bigfoot’s been very good to me. I cannot complain.” (https://stateimpact.npr.org/oklahoma/2015/12/10/bigfoot-is-scaring-up-stories-and-tourism-dollars-in-southeastern-oklahoma/)

Last month (April 2018), Harlan, KY, held their first (annual) Bigfoot Conference. Attendance was estimated at 400, not so bad for a town of 1,600 quietly tucked away in the southwest mountains of the Bluegrass State (and nowhere near an Interstate highway). Matthew Delph, one of the guest speakers at this event is a featured guest at the 2018 Lizardman Festival this year as well. (http://www.thebigfootportal.com/event/1st-annual-harlan-ky-crypto-con/)

Mothman250 The venerable Mothman, chronicled in John Keel's book "The Mothman Prophecies" was the subject of a Richard Geer feature film from in 2002. Three other films, one a comedy, have been seen as spinoffs of this supernatural legend that seems to have plenty of witnesses. These of course have generated millions of box office and television dollars in revenue. Every September, we have the "Mothman Festival" in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, memorializing the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge's 1967 collapse, killing 46 people. To the left is a photo (Creative Commons License) of the famed Mothman Statue erected in Point Pleasant, WV. In Point Pleasant, visitors can see the Mothman Museum, have a "Mothburger" and celebrate the area's famous cryptod.

How big is the Mothman business? In 2017, attendance was estimated at 11,000 for this very popular pop culture festival. For a town of around 4,000 people, that almost triples the number of people over a three-day period to generate tourism dollars for local businesses and vendors. (http://www.mydailyregister.com/news/2438/mothman-festival-attendance-shattered-records)

1988 was a big year for Bishopville, with the appearance of our favorite local cryptid, the Lizardman. Around that time, thousands of Tshirts and other items were sold, bringing tourist revenue into Lee County. Coming up in just over a month is the Lizardman Festival and Comic Con on June 8-10, 2018. Lyle Blackburn, the author of the well-researched book "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster" told me one time that almost weekly, someone will ask him when the next Lizardman Festival will be. Now, in 2018, that question has an answer. Lyle is a well-published author, and turns up frequently on Discovery Channel and other media outlets. He is popular and has a loyal following who will travel almost a full day to meet him and hear his talks. We are fortunate to have Lyle as the headline guest at Lizardman Festival 2018.

Additional activities that will bring economic impact to Lee County will include Drone Racing (part of the Carolina Drone Racing circuit) with over twenty-five racers and their fans. Tours of Scape Ore Swamp on Sunday afternoon will also engage Lizardman festival-goers. Popular musical groups including the Kilted Creature and Antler Hill Arts will provide an exciting evening of entertainment on Saturday evening of the Lizardman Festival. For more information on our local cryptid's economic activities, visit LizardmanFestival.com.

A New Story Told from the 1988 Sightings of Lizardman. - April 20, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

Robbie's fantastic atwork today!

Recently, your humble columnist was contacted by a gentleman who has some interesting stories surrounding the original Lizardman sighting of Christopher Davis in 1988. We recount the story - transcribed during a phone interview. It is quite strange that, as the interview was wrapping up, there were strange clicking sounds on his end and the line went dead. A quick follow-up call to his number proved unsuccessful in contacting the interviewee. If somehow the "Men in Black" got to the witness, we have at least part of this amazing historical encounter with the frightening resident of Scape Ore Swamp.

Robbie was a young man from Florence, and had worked for the 5:00 Friday weekly, an entertainment magazine covering Florence County. He drew a weekly cartoon and wrote an occasional column for the fledgling publication. A local radio station in Florence talked about the cartoon strip on air, resulting in Robbie being asked to design the first Lizardman Tshirts for a small company known only as "Southern Marketing." The design, somehow not credited to Robbie, turned out to be a best-selling Tshirt in 1988.

Robbie met Christopher Davis who had the first highly publicized report of a Lizardman sighting one day, as the young man was sitting in his car next to the souvenir stand next to an exit off of Interstate 20 in Bishopville. He remembers Davis' car to be small, likely a Toyota Celica. Robbie remembers there were long scratches - something like would have taken a rake to dig into the metal - on the top of the car. Three jagged marks were relatively evenly-spaced apart, with one to the side, like some sort of thumb. The scratches on the car were deeper near the windshield, then getting fainter toward the back of the car, as if some creature could not quite hold on and slid off the back.

There was an indentation in the top of the car, like a very heavy body had been on top of the vehicle. There were divots in the top and body of the car, consistent with a struggle to hang on to the moving car. There were also scratches on the door-handle of the car. The running joke was that Lizardman had to be quite the athlete to keep up with that car going 40 miles an hour, then jumping on it. This comes from locals who do not believe this first sighting was ever faked (along with this columnist).

Chris was very serious when he talked about the incident in Scape Ore Swamp. Whatever scared the boy, Lizardman or not, was successful. When Robbie had supper with Sherriff Truesdale one evening, the officer said he couldn't tell if Davis' story was completely factual, but that something had certainly scared the young man terribly. From several visits to Bishopville and conversations with Davis, Robbie believed the young man had seen something out in Scape Ore Swamp that scared him very much. Who (or what) might be ancestors of a Lizardman-styled creature that could do damage as described by Christopher Davis, and seen by Robbie and others who viewed Davis' car? A recent discovery by NC State paleontologists, chronicled in a 2015 article in Smithsonian Magazine details a newly-discovered ancestor of the crocodile - a nine-foot-tall ferocious predator that stood on and walked on its hind legs and walked on its hind legs. Scientists at NC State nicknamed the creature the “Carolina Butcher.” Who knows whether or not a couple of these frightening monsters haven’t survived in the forgotten areas of Scape Ore Swamp? Only further investigation will tell.

Next week, we begin a two-part series, an interview with Lyle Blackburn, author of "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monter." We are on the eve of the 30th Anniversary of the Lizardman sightings, to be celebrated with the Lizardman Festival and Comic Con, June 8-10, 2018, in Bishopville, SC. For more information, visit the website, LizardmanFestival.com.

For those of you who are interested, here is a digital recreation of the "Carolina Butcher." No joke, no comic relief. If you met up with this guy on Interstate 20 at mile marker 95 near Camden, you would realize that "it" was all over (and you know what "it" is - your life). Here are a couple of examples:

  • HORSHOE CRAB - a well-known living fossil has relatively unchanged for 450 million years.
  • JELLYFISH - found in every ocean, are thought to have settled as early as 700 million years ago, making them the oldest multi-organ animals.
  • COLECANTH - is an okder fish native to the Indian Ocean and Indonesia. It evolved into roughly its current form approximately 400 million years ago.
  • TUTARA - residing in New Zealand, this relative of both lizards and snakes has remained basically the same for 200 million years.

A digital model of Carnufex-carolinensi from NC State University

If the American crocodile is considered a "gentle fish-eater," then Carnufex carolinensi is in no way a guest of the local garden club. For a colony of "Carolina Butchers" to exist from the previous Triassic period (etween 251 million and 199 million years ago) is ABSOLUTELY NOT iunreasonable. Your humble correspondant asks you to avoid Scape Ore Swamp under any circumstances.

Is Lizardman Still Relevant? - April 13, 2018
By Dr. John Stamey

With the Lizardman Festival coming soon (June 8-10, 2018 in Bishopville, SC), here's a good question to ask: "Is Lizardman still relevant?" Certainly, the old boy received his share of publicity from 1988 to 1990. Even ABC's Good Morning America show came to Bishopville for a look around town in hopes of seeing the popular cryptid who was terrorizing the Lee County and Midlands area of South Carolina.

Today, Lizardman is still popular, and still quite relevant. For example, this past August 2017, we were alerted by South Carolina Emergency Management Division of the potential for Lizardman (and other interesting characters) showing up during the full solar eclipse. The warning issued by this traditionally straight-laced state office was: "SCEMD does not know if Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse, but we advise that residents of Lee and Sumter counties should remain ever vigilant." The following message came from their Twitter account: "Regarding possible paranormal activity potentially occurring during the #SolarEclipse2017. As always, if you see something, say something." Of course, say something! Sarah Berra did exactly that in 2015 when, after church one Sunday in August, she happened to see an interesting creature walk next to the woods beside her church. Count this as the most recent sighting of Lizardman in the Lee and Sumter County areas.

Back to the potential of Lizardman activities during the solar eclipse, none were reported (except a man in a lizard mask "terrorizing" the downtown Myrtle Beach area near the Skywheel before disappearing into a building across Ocean Blvd.). This humorous publicity stunt was, unfortunately, ignored by the crowd at the Skywheel who were looking intently at the eclipse through their $5 "Special Eclipse Glasses." One can't help but wonder if the real Lizardman had come up upon them, how many would have ignored the incident and would have ended wrong-side up in a local swamp. Such is the unfortunate desensitization of the American public. Lizardman was so much anticipated during the solar eclipse that South Carolina's favorite cryptid made headlines in "The State" newspaper in Columbia for his conspicuous absence. An article was appropriately entitled, "Lizard Man a no-show in SC during solar eclipse, keeps social media buzzing." Certainly, the staff writers were disappointed that we all seemed to miss a potential appearance by the one-and-only!

So, in presence or absence, Lizardman is a popular and important piece of South Carolina folklore. The town of Bishopville, SC has a love-hate relationship with its favorite cryptid. However, no person in the small town of 4,000 will ever dispute the importance of of Lizardman, nor will many deny the tourism benefits.

Lizardman Festival is coming soon to Bishopville, SC. Along with traditional crafters and vendors, plans are to have the famous Lyle Blackburn, who wrote the book, Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster. Also scheduled are Matt Delph and yours truly, with our recent book, Lizardman, Bigfoot and Friends. With coverage in major state newspapers within the last year, an announcement from South Carolina Emergency Management Division, and an upcoming festival in his honor, you bet Lizardman is still "the talk of the town" (well, maybe the state).

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Lizardman-Bigfoot Connection
Dr. John Stamey interview on THE JOURNEY with the She-Squatchers on May 23

In 2013, Lyle Blackburn published his well-known book on the Lizardman sightings in Bishopville, SC, entitled "Lizardman: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster." Blackburn chronicles that almost half of the sightings reported by citizens of Bishopville have some relationship to traits of some cryptid on the order of Bigfoot. Dr. John Stamey, Executive Director of the Lizardman Festival in Bishopville, is working to research this strange and fascinating connection between the Lizardman and Bigfoot in the midlands of South Carolina.

Facebook Event for May 23, 2018 Show